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Polifar Group Limited

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  • Nanjing,  Jiangsu
  • China

Company Description

Polifar is a fast growing company with 10 years experience on food ingredients like sweetener, preservatives,acidity regulator and thickener with $41million /year exporting revenue .100%-150%/year rising speed and approved by FDA,Fami-QS,ISO9001 ,HALAL made Polifar is fully familiar with market requirement and trade rules.Polifar hope to become to your new partner. More special channels Polifar operated in China as per below: Citric acid -Strategic partner with BBCA Thailand factory ,free anti-dumping duty to EU ,Ensign /TTCA prompt shipment . Xanthan gum-Release the inventory with prompt shipment,NON ETO support.Strategic partner with Meihua/DEOSEN/FUFENG. Lactic acid-Low price with flexible delivery time on different model. Malic acid-strategic partner of BBCA ,hold lowest price of global. DL tartaric acid-Polifar own factory,hold lowest price of global. Preservative-Nisin/Potassium sorbate /sodium benzoate - multiple choice ,competitive stock price,flexible delivery time. Aspartame/ sucralose/AK - 8000ton/year production capacity ,better price and quick delivery can be supported. Food nutrition :Vitamin B1 ,Vitamin C ,L cysteine ,Coenzyme Q10,β carotene,L-carnitine,BCAA-ship in 1 week,competitive stock price.

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