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  • North Andover,  MA
  • United States

Company Description

Phasex Corporation is a 40 year old cGMP-certified toll processor of Natural Product extracts including herbs, food, botanicals, algae, and other natural products used in food, supplements, nutraceutical ingredients. We pride ourselves on always looking for the most organic and greenest technology we can use to solve a customer’s problem and that starts with Supercritical CO2. We have broader capabilities but we like to lead with this solution first. We’ve been performing extraction R&D and toll processing services for 40 years and quietly serving customers across a wide-variety of industries. Phasex provides supercritical CO2 extraction, purification, remediation, fractionation, concentration and blending of many different component of botanical materials. Supercritical CO2 is a Green technology which is USDA Certified Organic. Phasex helps companies concentrate certain components or remove unwanted components of particular botanical, algae, or food ingredient materials. Company provides R&D, Toll Processing and licensing of technology for many different customers across a wide variety of industries. Phasex works with Farms, Brands, contract manufacturers and many other parts of the supply chain to provide various extracts to its customers. PHCO2 is a brand of Phasex providing USDA Certified Organic and American conventional whole plant hemp extract ingredients to the Hemp industry and its various suppliers. Company works closely with farmers in sourcing critical biomass or crude materials and provides a clean and compliant (below 0.3% THC) ingredient material for use in many emerging applications. Company can also provide extraction and remediation services for farms, brands, contract manufacturers, and other intermediaries in the industry with our toll processing services.

Brands: Phasex, PHCO2