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  • Mumbai,  ANDHERI (EAST)
  • India

Company Description

Nutriventia, specializes in providing nutrition & health solutions through innovative technology and strong customer focus. Nutriventia’s objective is to develop ingredient solutions that provide maximum benefits to our customers from one a day dosing, thus improving end consumer compliance. We understand that each need is different and are committed to create exceptional products keeping you - the customers at the center of it. By selecting bioactives that are inherently challenging to formulate we have been able to create convenient,easy-to-use, palatable and efficacious products with numerous benefits, even with natural components. Few of our clinically backed flagship products include the truely low dose bioequivalent turmeric extract - TurmXTRA 60N (250 mg only) and Long acting Ashwagandha Extract- Prolanza (300 mg only). We have expertise in sustained release technology platform and have applied the same at ingredient level. With this technology we have been able to successfully launch a sustained release products like Melotime (Melatonin), CaffXtend (Caffeine) and C-Fence (Vitamin C). Our other innovative ingredient is a Heat Stable Vitamin C perfectly suitable for applications like gummies, bars etc involving heat in manufacturing processes.

Brands: TurmXTRA Prolanza C-Fence CaffXtend Melotime Sumbia unstain BsRx 25n Delayed Psyllium Husk Heat Stable Vitamin C ( Stabilized Vitamin C for Gummies)