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  • Montréal,  QC
  • Canada

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NEXXUS FOODS YOUR PARTNER IN FOOD INNOVATION As a sports nutrition, or food and beverage manufacturer, you can work really hard to create an innovative recipe, however you are faced with the same-old ingredients, poor response times and ingredient shortages. That could result in the risk of having no product on the shelf, and therefore threaten your key account relationships. Not to mention wild price fluctuations. Manufacturers today are forced to scramble to source consistent and high-quality ingredients to appeal to more finicky consumers. They are stuck with little uniqueness in ingredients due to lacking innovation. Their suppliers often lack responsive service. Manufacturers need a reliable source for unique ingredients to help them stand out. They need efficient delivery, responsive communication and focused customer service for on-time product delivery to buyers. Which is why you should try Nexxus Foods. A 100% natural clean-label ingredients supplier with a scientific and one-of-a-kind approach to food innovation. Nexxus Foods is not the same-old food innovation, or a status quo approach to reliable production. Our highly innovative R&D team collaborates with you to create winning new functional solutions. Nearby in-stock warehouses throughout North America provide high-quality, consistent ingredients. Combined with competitive pricing, it all makes Nexxus a truly unique one-of-a-kind supplier. You get high quality, 100% natural ingredients whenever you need them. We deliver organic, GMO-free, gluten-free and allergen-free ingredient solutions. Backed with world-class R&D & QC support teams, remarkable customer service, and ready availability at competitive pricing.

Brands: PROTEINS ProNex Organic Pea Protein ProNex Organic Rice Protein ProNex COMPLETE ProNex Bovine Collagen Peptide ProNex Organic Toasted Pumpkin Protein ProNex Fava Bean Protein ProNex Organic Hemp Protein ProNex Soy Protein Isolate SPECIALTY INGREDIENTS Cocoanex-20 GumNex Silky ProNex COMPLETE Crispinex 95x Acid Masker Bitter Masking System FIBERS Fructanex Inulin (Conventional and Organic) Chicory Inulin GUMS AND STABILIZERS Agar Agar Guar Gum GumNex Silky Xanthan Gum SWEETENERS Sucralose GLUTEN-FREE SOLUTIONS