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IGY Immune Technologies & Life Sciences Inc.

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  • Thunder Bay,  ON
  • Canada

Company Description

IGY Life Sciences is the global leader in commercial manufacturing of specific and non-specific IgY antibodies. Our multi-stage proprietary process allows for the environmentally friendly production of specific and non-specific IgY antibodies from hen egg yolks at high purities, high volumes and at low unit costs. This encourages adoption of IgY for health applications across nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and animal health markets. All of our products are manufactured in our purpose-built 10,000 square foot Health Canada and FDA registered, GMP accredited Canadian facility. Our manufacturing provides the highest levels of quality control and batch traceability, combined with exceptional flexibility in meeting the needs of our customers whether they require large or small batch manufacturing.

Brands: Muno-IgY represents an important breakthrough for nutraceutical brands seeking immunity and gut supporting ingredients for differentiation and leadership. Ideal for: Daily general immune health supplements, Active nutrition/sports performance products Muno-IgY is 100% natural, and has a low flavor, odor & color profile.


  • Muno-IgY
    Muno-IgY, ultrapure, protective IgY antibodies to directly support immune and digestive wellness - Muno-IgY is extracted from hen egg yolk at industry leading purity levels. ...