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  • Indianapolis,  IN
  • United States

Company Description

Epogee is a food technology company dedicated to making food better. Our flagship product, EPG, is a fat alternative made through revolutionary food technology, that delivers the functional benefits of traditional fats with dramatically fewer calories and no tradeoffs -- so food manufacturers can wow customers with better foods that are enjoyable to eat! In just four short years, and with a growing family of commercial partnerships, EPG has already removed over 3 billion calories from the US food chain. Join us in our mission to reduce the world's caloric footprint, one bite at a time. Naturally-derived: EPG is a modified plant-based oil made from rapeseed oil (healthier and more sustainable than commonly used coconut and palm oils). Groundbreaking technology: By splitting the glycerol and fatty acids and inserting a food-grade propoxyl connector, we get an ingredient that looks, feels, tastes and cooks like traditional fats. Proven safe: EPG has been rigorously tested in more than 60 studies—among the strongest data packages ever developed for a new food ingredient—and has achieved FDA GRAS status in 14 categories. No sacrifices: The science behind EPG means it maintains the superior functional/organoleptic properties of traditional fats, with far fewer calories and saturated fat.

Brands: EPG is an alternative fat that delivers the great taste, texture, performance and flexibility of traditional fats. Made from modified plant-based oil, it has just 0.7 calories/gram versus 9 calories/gram for regular fat. It is the only ingredient available right now that can cut 92% of calories from fat* without compromising taste, texture or functionality.