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  • Del Mar,  CA
  • United States

Company Description

Radicle Science was borne of our belief that there is a better way to make, sell and buy health and wellness products. Our team of renowned health experts and trailblazers share a vision of a future where proven, affordable health and wellness products are trusted by consumers, recommended by healthcare professionals, used as widely as pharmaceutical drugs, and accessible for all generations. We provide the first ever easy path for branded ingredients, proprietary formulations and finished products to prove their true effects beyond placebo. Our crowdsourced, virtual, direct-to-consumer (D2C) clinical trials deliver objective health outcome data across diverse conditions and populations – all at unprecedented affordability, speed, and scale. Ever wondered what it's like to participate in a Radicle Study as a Radicle Volunteer? Come by the Radicle Science booth and participate in a mock clinical trial testing and measuring the effects of alternative wellness therapies on stressed out trade show attendees. It's fun, quick and easy, (just like our trials)!

Brands: Radicle Proof™, Radicle Discovery™, Radicle Captivation™