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Qingdao Siyuan Stevia International Trade Co., Ltd

Booth: 6930

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  • Qingdao,  Shandong
  • China

Company Description


  • Steviol glycosides products
    It is the most widely used stevia product. It's up to 300 times the sweetness of sucrose, widely used in Snack, Beverage, Cans, Wine, etc....

  • Rebaudioside A products
    It's up to 450 times the sweetness of sucrose, good taste and sweetness, widely used in midium and high-end Beverage, Jelly, Biscuit, Syrup, Sauce, etc....

  • Stevioside products
    The taste is only second to RA series, with 260 to 320 times sweetness as that of sucrose. Its Sauce, Pickles, Shochu, etc....

  • Glucosyl Steviol Glycosides products
    Made by the selective introduction of glucosyl into the stevia molecule with the Biological enzyme technology, the sweetness is more pure. Widely used in Beverage, Dessert, etc...

  • Reb M/Reb D/ Reb B products
    It's up to 300 times the sweetness of sucrose,  excellent taste and sweetness, same as sucrose, widely used in high-end Beverage, Food industries....