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IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

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  • Lake Forest Park,  WA
  • United States

Company Description

IEH partners with food companies to implement proactive approaches to manage food safety risks. We provide routine analytical support to the food industry through consultation, testing services, and regulatory support. We specialize in risk management, and implement programs proven to ensure strong food safety and quality standards, to prevent people from getting sick from food. We are a privately held, family owned company and have grown rapidly since 2001, both organically and through acquisitions. Our success is fueled by the dedication of our team of scientists, laboratory analysts, food safety experts and consultants, and support staff. We operate over 100 laboratories across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Austria, Australia, China, and the Netherlands. Our team of highly experienced food safety consultants work directly with clients to design and implement testing programs. We are a technical, innovative company, with over 50 approved and pending patents and more than 90 research publications. We manufacture and distribute test kits, pathogen detection systems, and sampling devices through our partner companies. Our contribution to public health and food safety is featured in the NY Times, CNN, Fast Company and Bloomberg.


Contract/Third Party Analytical Labs
  • Instruments/Approaches: Colorimetric
  • Instruments/Approaches: DNA Sequencing
  • Instruments/Approaches: Fluorescense
  • Instruments/Approaches: Gas Chromatograph
  • Instruments/Approaches: GCMS
  • Instruments/Approaches: Gravimetric
  • Instruments/Approaches: HPLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: ICP
  • Instruments/Approaches: LCMS
  • Instruments/Approaches: Mass Spectrometry
  • Instruments/Approaches: Titration
  • Instruments/Approaches: TLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Analyses/Test: Acidity
  • Analyses/Test: Additives
  • Analyses/Test: Adulterants
  • Analyses/Test: Allergens
  • Analyses/Test: Ash
  • Analyses/Test: Botanicals/Herbs
  • Analyses/Test: Caffeine
  • Analyses/Test: Calories
  • Analyses/Test: Carbohydrates
  • Analyses/Test: Cholesterol
  • Analyses/Test: Density
  • Analyses/Test: Disintegration
  • Analyses/Test: Dissolution
  • Analyses/Test: Ethanol/Methanol
  • Analyses/Test: Fat
  • Analyses/Test: Fiber, Soluble/Insoluble/Crude
  • Analyses/Test: Fiber, Total Dietary
  • Analyses/Test: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Analyses/Test: Heavy Metals
  • Analyses/Test: Infestation
  • Analyses/Test: Iron
  • Analyses/Test: Microbiological
  • Analyses/Test: Minerals
  • Analyses/Test: Moisture
  • Analyses/Test: ORAC
  • Analyses/Test: Organic Acids
  • Analyses/Test: Organoleptic
  • Analyses/Test: Particle Characterization
  • Analyses/Test: Particle Size Analysis
  • Analyses/Test: Peroxide Value/Rancidity
  • Analyses/Test: pH
  • Analyses/Test: Shelf Life
  • Analyses/Test: Sodium
  • Analyses/Test: Solubility
  • Analyses/Test: Stability
  • Analyses/Test: Sugars
  • Analyses/Test: Total Plate Count
  • Analyses/Test: Total Solids
  • Analyses/Test: Vitamins
  • Analyses/Test: Volatile Oils