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  • Chicago,  IL
  • United States

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We build better product performance with best-in-class nutrition solutions. We're your ingredient and formulation innovators, driven to find new ways to deliver better nutrition, functionality and flavor to your food, beverage, or supplement products. We’re here to help with expertise in dairy proteins, plant proteins, cheese, seeds & grains, custom premix solutions, micronutrients, bioactive ingredients, flavors, edible films, bakery ingredients, and functionally optimized nutrients. Glanbia Nutritionals is the #1 global producer of whey-based nutritional ingredient solutions, the #2 global producer of premixes, and the #1 producer of American Style Cheddar Cheese. We also offer aseptic beverage processing services. Simply put, we’re built to solve for better performance—nutritional, functional and operational. Inside every ingredient and service is a promise to keep people healthy and strong. Our consumer insights, scientific knowledge, ingredient expertise, and operational know-how helps you make products that people love and trust. Whatever challenge you have, from identifying new market opportunities, to creating a better formulation, to finding just the right ingredient, to linking you with a co-packer, we can help. We're built around you.

Brands: BarPro Functional Bar Proteins|TechVantage - Watson Functionally Optimized Nutrient Technologies including NutraShield Encapsulations|Bioferrin Lactoferrin|CapsiAtra Dihydrocapsiate|All N Off The Shelf Premix Blends|Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps and Bites|Simpleat Plant-Based Meat Solutions |BevWise Protein Systems|HarvestPro Plant Proteins||FitNOX Plant-based Nitric Oxide Source|CreaBev Soluble and Stable Creatine Monohydrate|OptiSol 1005 and 1007 Functional Dairy Proteins