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  • Garland,  TX
  • United States

Company Description

With over 25 years of experience in contract manufacturing, Cosmax NBT is a business that is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our customers. Through a quality management team and a highest quality global R&D lab to create product, Cosmax NBT has proven to be a force that is committed to the success of our customer’s supplements on the market. The Cosmax NBT Advantage We are a dietary supplement manufacturing business that believes in creating market advantages for customers that choose us to create their supplements. From our global presence to the packaging options that are available to customers, a choice to work with Cosmax NBT is a choice to market a successful product.

Brands: Herbal Extract Agatri, SUNMAX, KERAFUL, AGEs Blocker, Tabetri, Nonitri, Bronch Microbiome ZETA probiotics


  • COSMAX NBT - Skin pack
    We would like to share our skin pack kit which is about inner beauty product.<br /> - Liquid Stick ( AGEs Blocker)<br /> - Powder Stick (Naticol collagen)<br /> - Vegan collagen jelly...

  • COSMAX NBT - Jelly pack
    We would like to share our Jelly pack kit which is about jelly dosage form.<br /> - Fiber jelly<br /> - Chazugi jelly (eye health)<br /> - Vegan collagen jelly...