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  • Ghislenghien, 
  • Belgium

Company Description

BOTALYS offers premium high purity adaptogens grown through an innovative precision indoor farming technology. This pioneering cultivation method allows BOTALYS to recreate the plant's ideal growth conditions and shape its molecular profile for potent clinically demonstrated health benefits. BOTALYS produces 100% pure natural and sustainable ingredients that tap into the needs of modern-day supplement consumers and health practitioners, addressing the health areas of focus, stress, memory, cognition, healthy aging or beauty from within. Sustainability: 50x less land and water consumption, no pesticide usage, 93% less fertilizer, no ecosystem destruction or deforestation. Purity: No pesticides, no heavy metals, no environmental contaminants and no solvent residue. Potency: 7x more powerfull full spectrum botanicals.


  • BOTALYS Red ginseng
    A unique ultra pure natural nootropic ingredient grown through Biomimetic Indoor Farming, clinically demonstrate to enhance mental stamina....