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Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

Booth: 5273

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  • Ham Lake,  MN
  • United States

Company Description

Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) is re-imagining the possibilities for dietary supplement, functional foods, beverage, animal nutrition, cosmetics and personal care products. Bioenergy Ribose® increases cellular energy by enhancing the body’s ability to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the source of all cellular energy. It can be added to processed foods for its nutritional and functional value, such as increasing energy, reducing muscle fatigue or increasing endurance and performance during exercise. Bioenergy Ribose is also used as an additive in the food industry to improve the taste and texture to a variety of applications. RiaGev® combines the power of Bioenergy Ribose with Nicotinamide, for the next big thing in healthy aging. RiaGev is the only ingredient that simultaneously increases cellular NAD+ and ATP – the universal energy and repair molecules – and glutathione, the body’s Master Antioxidant. RiaGev-FEM™ targets women’s cortisol-driven hormonal changes at every stage of the menopausal spectrum. It is a clinically proven and more bioavailable way to naturally reduce cortisol levels in a shorter amount of time than other cortisol-lowering ingredients, without side effects, and while improving their quality of life. RiaGev-M™’s clinically proven ability to quickly and naturally lower cortisol levels makes it more effective at supporting healthy testosterone levels and libido, regulating metabolism and minimizing visible signs of inflammation. It helps men retain their vigor, perform better and experience a better quality of life. RiboActiv™ is a precision hormetic dose of Bioenergy Ribose. Preliminary research shows RiboActiv activates AMPK, an enzyme that stimulates fat burning and boosts energy, and much more. Starting as low as 800mg/serving, RiboActiv’s unique mechanism of action also helps optimize mitochondrial function and supports fat loss and energy metabolism. Let’s partner to develop your formulations with our game-changing branded ingredients.

Brands: Bioenergy Ribose, RiaGev, RiaGev-FEM, RiaGev-M, RiboActiv


  • Bioenergy Ribose
    THE go-to ingredient for active lifestyle, sport nutrition & overall health products. Bioenergy Ribose increases cellular energy by enhancing the body’s ability to make ATP.<br /> <br />  ...

  • RiaGev - The next big thing in healthy aging
    RiaGev is a customized nutritional solution of Bioenergy Ribose and nicotinamide. It uses next-generation technology to increase NAD, ATP and glutathione simultaneously....

  • RiaGev-SR: The first sustained-release NAD booster
    The next-generation technology for NAD boosters in the healthy aging category. The revolutionary format mimics food digestion by releasing nutrients in a slow & steady manner....

  • RiboActiv: A precision low-dose AMPK activator
    Preliminary research shows that RiboActiv, a precision hormetic dose of Bioenergy Ribose, activates AMPK, an enzyme that stimulates fat burning and boosts energy....