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  • Montclair,  CA
  • United States

Company Description

BannerBio is an NSF-cGMP certified factory since 2003. We have two production lines: one for botanical extraction, another for premix, granulation, grinding, mircronization and capsule filling services services.

Brands: GrapsTract®️ ; GriffsTract®️; OlfTract®️; ElberryTract®️; NanoEncaps®️; ActXTract®️


  • GriffsTract® - Griffonia Seed Extract (5-HTP 99%)
    BannerBio is one of the largest manufacturers of Griffonia seed extract (5-HTP) in the world, offering specifications from 25%-99%, with Self-GRAS, Eurofins report...

  • GrapsTract® -Grape Seed Extract
    <strong>GrapsTract</strong><strong>®</strong> is a series of <strong>grape seed extracts</strong> developed by BannerBio since 2003. selected high-quality <strong>unfermented white grape seeds</strong> in<strong> France as raw material. </strong>...

  • ElberryTract®- Elderberry Extract
    <strong>BannerBio</strong><strong>’</strong><strong>s elderberry extract comes 100% from Europe and guarantees to be Sambucus nigra L.</strong> <ul> <li>Extract Ratio 5 : 1, 10: 1, etc     </li> <li>1%-25% Anthocyanidins  UV                                </li> <li>1%-5% Flavonoids  UV</li> </ul> ...

  • OlfTract®️ -Olive Leaf Extract
    OlfTract<sup>®️</sup> refers to BannerBio’s branded Olive Leaf Extract extracted just by water.  <ul> <li> <p>20% Oleuropein Powder</p> </li> <li> <p>40% Oleuropein Powder</p> </li> <li> <p>Hydroxytyrosol Microcapsules (Customized)</p> </li> </ul> ...

  • NanoEncaps® (Customer Solutions)
    <strong>NanoEncaps® refers </strong>to our platform technology combination that includes: <ul> <li>Pre-mixing </li> <li>Granulation</li> <li>Encapsulation</li> </ul> ...