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  • Orsta, 
  • Norway

Company Description

Arctic Bioscience is a Norwegian biotechnology company developing omega-3 phospholipid and marine protein nutritional products. The company was founded based on unique know-how of bioactive herring roe compounds. Located in Ørsta on the west coast of Norway, the team has developed marine extracts for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications for over 30 years. Our omega-3 phospholipids are rich in DHA & EPA that provide a more bio-efficent delivery of these key bioactive nutrients to cells and target organs throughout the body including the brain, eyes, heart and skin!

Brands: We have adopted Romega ® as our core brand of Herring Caviar Oils and Proteins and all ingredients are sourced from the MSC certified Norwegian Herring fishery located off the west coast of Norway!


  • ROMEGA Herring caviar oil
    Phospholipid-bound DHA & EPA<br /> Natural source of quantified SPMs & PRMs<br /> Unique 3:1 DHA:EPA ratio<br /> Increased bioavailability<br /> Rich in Choline<br /> Membrane friendly<br /> Sustainable<br /> Pure...

  • ROMEGA Herring caviar protein
    85-90% pure herring caviar protein<br /> Full essential amino acid profile<br /> Contains egg cell nucleotides and minerals<br /> Naturally rich in Vitamin B12 and selenium...