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  • Des Moines,  IA
  • United States

Company Description

Eurofins knows how to help, whether you’re an ingredient supplier or sell finished products direct to consumers, we know your bottom line depends on our top-of-the-line lab testing services. Obtaining verifiable data from a trusted lab is the only way to ensure your products are authentic and safe. With our network of local laboratories and expert consultants, Eurofins is your local partner in testing, delivering fast, accurate, cost-efficient expertise to every region we serve.

Brands: Eurofins|GeneScan|Supplement Analysis Center|Central Analytical Laboratories|Frontier Global


Contract/Third Party Analytical Labs
  • Analyses/Test: Acidity
  • Analyses/Test: Additives
  • Analyses/Test: Adulterants
  • Analyses/Test: Allergens
  • Analyses/Test: Ash
  • Analyses/Test: Botanicals/Herbs
  • Analyses/Test: Caffeine
  • Analyses/Test: Calories
  • Analyses/Test: Carbohydrates
  • Analyses/Test: Cholesterol
  • Analyses/Test: Density
  • Analyses/Test: Disintegration
  • Analyses/Test: Dissolution
  • Analyses/Test: Ethanol/Methanol
  • Analyses/Test: Fat
  • Analyses/Test: Fiber, Soluble/Insoluble/Crude
  • Analyses/Test: Fiber, Total Dietary
  • Analyses/Test: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Analyses/Test: Heavy Metals
  • Analyses/Test: Infestation
  • Analyses/Test: Iron
  • Analyses/Test: Irradiation
  • Analyses/Test: Microbiological
  • Analyses/Test: Minerals
  • Analyses/Test: Moisture
  • Analyses/Test: ORAC
  • Analyses/Test: Organic Acids
  • Analyses/Test: Organoleptic
  • Analyses/Test: Particle Characterization
  • Analyses/Test: Particle Size Analysis
  • Analyses/Test: Peroxide Value/Rancidity
  • Analyses/Test: pH
  • Analyses/Test: Shelf Life
  • Analyses/Test: Sodium
  • Analyses/Test: Solubility
  • Analyses/Test: Stability
  • Analyses/Test: Sugars
  • Analyses/Test: Total Plate Count
  • Analyses/Test: Total Solids
  • Analyses/Test: Vitamins
  • Analyses/Test: Volatile Oils
  • Instruments/Approaches: AA
  • Instruments/Approaches: CE
  • Instruments/Approaches: Colorimetric
  • Instruments/Approaches: DNA Sequencing
  • Instruments/Approaches: Fluorescense
  • Instruments/Approaches: Gas Chromatograph
  • Instruments/Approaches: GCMS
  • Instruments/Approaches: Gravimetric
  • Instruments/Approaches: HPLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: HPTLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: ICP
  • Instruments/Approaches: LCMS
  • Instruments/Approaches: Mass Spectrometry
  • Instruments/Approaches: NIR
  • Instruments/Approaches: NMR
  • Instruments/Approaches: Titration
  • Instruments/Approaches: TLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: UV/Vis Spectrophotometer