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  • Montréal,  QC
  • Canada

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Informed by decades of experience in the industry, Nexxus Foods built a team of scientists and industry experts to become true partners with in-depth industry knowledge and unparalleled research and development. Nexxus transforms its experience into foresight that anticipates issues at every step, from sourcing to formulation to delivery, letting manufacturers innovate with confidence. Nexxus Foods gives manufacturers that unique combination of scientific rigor, proven quality processes and deep knowledge of the food supply chain. Nexxus Foods’ functional solutions combine innovative solutions formulated through a rigorous R&D process with the experience to deliver them reliably, quickly, and cost-effectively. Nexxus builds lasting partnerships through its deep expertise and fast service that honours manufacturers’ need for speedy issue resolution. Its personalized customer service is available at a moment’s notice to advise on formulation, testing, trend spotting, and transportation. The Nexxus team amplifies their clients’ in-house research abilities by developing ingredients and mixes to suit specific needs such as allergen-free, non-GMO, gluten-free alternatives. And its foresight offsets the uncertainty of the supply chain by building redundancy into its sourcing. Whatever the issue, Nexxus has a solution. Through Nexxus Foods’ solutions, manufacturers can quickly and effectively satisfy consumers who are hungry for newer, innovative, healthier options to support their active lifestyles. The recipe for food innovation is a perfect blend of scientific discipline, quality assurance, and logistical expertise.