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  • Fujinomiya,  SHIZUOKA
  • Japan

Company Description

Fuji Capsule is a pioneer of softgel manufacturing and has developed and maintained an integrated production system since its inauguration in 1939. We are GMP certified and offer a cutting-edge research environment for creating new developments in encapsulation technology with superior safety and quality. We have continuously improved our manufacturing technology and product quality for our clients in Japan and around the world in the field of pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics. We would be delighted to assist with any of your new product developments.

Brands: 1. Enterosoluble capsules: • Slow release acid resistant capsules that dissolve in the intestines instead of in the stomach. 2. Plant ?lm capsule Green Cap®: • Vegetarian / vegan friendly plus no gelatin smell / virtually odourless. 3. Gummy Texture / Candy Capsules: • Chewable capsules that can be chewed without water, ease of use for children and the elderly who ?nd it dif?cult to swallow capsules. 4. Quick-release capsules: • Dissolve quickly and can be taken anywhere