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Sugimoto Tea Company

Redmond,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 3949

We are a locally based, family owned and operated company that specializes in making organic matcha and other authentic, high-quality Japanese green teas sourced from the major tea producing regions in Japan and processed in Shizuoka, Japan.

Sugimoto USA was founded in 2005 to introduce authentic Japanese tea to American consumers and we are one of the few Japanese tea-producing companies that has an office and warehouse on US soil.

We also work directly with farmers, which is not common in Japanese tea production.

In an effort to fiscally support tea farmers the Japanese government has set up a system in which it buys all of the tea that Japanese farmers produce. The tea the farmers produce is in its crude form and is sent to an auction for tea producers and other large companies to taste and purchase. Once purchased the tea is processed into a finished product and sold to consumers.

At Sugimoto Tea company we work with and buy directly from farmers, and, because we are looking for high-quality products, we pay prices well over those of the government system. You might be wondering about what happens if we only buy a percentage of a farmer’s crop.

Selling to us does not exclude the tea farmers from the government auction system so they would sell whatever remained to the government. By bypassing the government auction we build personal relationships with farmers and help support their households.

Furthermore, both in Japan and in the US we are committed to environmental sustainability. For example, our processing facilities use solar panels and LED lighting to save energy while the US office is operating on 100% green power.

Additionally, some of our teas are grown using centuries old, sustainable agricultural practices recognized as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, or GIAHS, by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2013.

Overall, we are hoping to spread the joys of authentic and innovative Japanese teas utilizing ecologically and fiscally responsible practices for us and our partnered farmers.

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Sugimoto Japan in 1946.
 Sugimoto Tea Company in 2008.