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Live Earth Products, Inc.

Emery,  UT 
United States
  • Booth: 6625

For over 30 years customers have trusted Live Earth Products for use in dietary supplements, beverages, and cosmetics.

Live Earth is the only humic and fulvic acid manufacturer that mines, extracts, and processes humic and fulvic acid ensuring the purest, natural, and effective product on the market. Our humic and fulvic ingredients are available in both liquids and powders.

This year we are introducing LM-32 Fulvic Supplement. It is the only powdered encapsulated fulvic acid supplement that is mined and cold-water processed in the United States. No other fulvic product on the market carries the HPTA Test Method Certified seal.

Hidden in the mountains of Utah is a mineral treasure known as humic shale. This mineral deposit was formed from an ancient semi-tropical forest that is decomposed down to basic mineral components. Preserved under a sandstone layer, these minerals and organic acids are the richest fulvic deposit on Earth. Through our purified cold-water extraction process, minerals and fulvic acids are isolated from the humic shale. Our fulvic acids are concentrated using a proprietary low-temperature drying method that ensures the minerals and fulvic acids are preserved and unaltered by heat. No additional ingredients are added in the drying process, making our fulvic mineral powders the purest on the market. Live Earth Products Inc. is a world leader in processing fulvic acid products for human consumption. We continue to produce the same quality minerals from our family-owned mine, The Rockland Mine, and we’re the only manufacturer with over thirty years of fulvic acid extraction experience. LM–32 Fulvic powder is the water extract from humic shale which contains trace minerals and fulvic acids. Mined exclusively from the Rockland Mine Contains 63.4% total organic acid solids isolated from a fulvic solution which includes a 1.34% Hydrophobic Fulvic Acid.

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