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Eurofins Scientific

Des Moines,  IA 
United States
  • Booth: 2657

With over 27,000 employees across more than 310 sites in 39 countries, Eurofins Scientific is a leading international group of laboratories providing an unparalleled range of testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental and consumer products industries and to governments. Eurofins is a worldwide leader in its field. The group offers a portfolio of over 130,000 reliable analytical methods for characterizing the safety, identity, purity, composition, authenticity and origin of products and biological substances. Through research and development, in-licensing and acquisitions, Eurofins draws on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology and analytical sciences to offer its customers unique testing solutions. Eurofins provides the North American market with complete analytical solutions supported by a commitment to excellent customer service, high standards for quality and scientific expertise. In order be the bioanalytical company of choice in the US, Eurofins has made strategic acquisitions of leading US commercial laboratories that provide analytical services to key industry groups such as agribusiness, dietary supplements and biotechnology. The Eurofins Group is committed to provide the highest quality services, accurate results in time and expert advice by highly qualified staff. The reliability and accuracy of its data helps customers make appropriate decisions on risks, and meet their increasingly stringent quality and safety standards and the demands of regulatory authorities around the world.

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Contract/Third Party Analytical Labs
  • Instruments/Approaches: AA
  • Instruments/Approaches: CE
  • Instruments/Approaches: Colorimetric
  • Instruments/Approaches: DNA Sequencing
  • Instruments/Approaches: Fluorescense
  • Instruments/Approaches: Gas Chromatograph
  • Instruments/Approaches: GCMS
  • Instruments/Approaches: Gravimetric
  • Instruments/Approaches: HPLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: HPTLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: ICP
  • Instruments/Approaches: LCMS
  • Instruments/Approaches: Mass Spectrometry
  • Instruments/Approaches: NIR
  • Instruments/Approaches: NMR
  • Instruments/Approaches: Titration
  • Instruments/Approaches: TLC
  • Instruments/Approaches: UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Analyses/Test: Acidity
  • Analyses/Test: Additives
  • Analyses/Test: Adulterants
  • Analyses/Test: Allergens
  • Analyses/Test: Ash
  • Analyses/Test: Botanicals/Herbs
  • Analyses/Test: Caffeine
  • Analyses/Test: Calories
  • Analyses/Test: Carbohydrates
  • Analyses/Test: Cholesterol
  • Analyses/Test: Density
  • Analyses/Test: Disintegration
  • Analyses/Test: Dissolution
  • Analyses/Test: Ethanol/Methanol
  • Analyses/Test: Fat
  • Analyses/Test: Fiber, Soluble/Insoluble/Crude
  • Analyses/Test: Fiber, Total Dietary
  • Analyses/Test: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Analyses/Test: Heavy Metals
  • Analyses/Test: Infestation
  • Analyses/Test: Iron
  • Analyses/Test: Irradiation
  • Analyses/Test: Microbiological
  • Analyses/Test: Minerals
  • Analyses/Test: Moisture
  • Analyses/Test: ORAC
  • Analyses/Test: Organic Acids
  • Analyses/Test: Organoleptic
  • Analyses/Test: Particle Characterization
  • Analyses/Test: Particle Size Analysis
  • Analyses/Test: Peroxide Value/Rancidity
  • Analyses/Test: pH
  • Analyses/Test: Shelf Life
  • Analyses/Test: Sodium
  • Analyses/Test: Solubility
  • Analyses/Test: Stability
  • Analyses/Test: Sugars
  • Analyses/Test: Total Plate Count
  • Analyses/Test: Total Solids
  • Analyses/Test: Vitamins
  • Analyses/Test: Volatile Oils