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Probiotical is an Italian family company dedicated to the research and production of probiotic bacteria since 1985 and has ever since been driving innovation and premium quality in the sector.

Our vertically integrated expertise positioned Probiotical as one of the unique 2 probiotic companies worldwide able to handle the whole supply chain, from strain characterization and fermentation down to the production of shelf-ready supplements with guaranteed stability.

With over 50 different strains in production studied in functionalities ranging from gut and immunity to skin, vaginal, urinary health and all the way to allergy, sports performance and the gut-brain axis, Probiotical is the partner of choice for the development of a high-quality range of specific, clinically-studied probiotics.

In this particular historic time, our team is standing at the side of our customers assuring the continuous supply of our food supplements and in particular offering well-studied synbiotic formulations to support the immune system. Our products Bifivir® and Bifimmun® were demonstrated in a clinical trial involving over 700 participants to decrease significantly the prevalence, severity and duration of winter diseases including flu. A further independent study even showed that our product associated with colostrum performed even better than vaccination at preventing flu.

In the context of increased awareness and focus on mental wellbeing we are also excited to propose our gut-brain axis solution Bifizen®, shown to improve mood, acceptance and quality of sleep in healthy adults, and now declined as a range to help with stress, focus, aging or sleeping.

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