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Founded in 1895, Nexira has been a key innovator in the food, health and nutrition industries. Nexira is dedicated to providing only the best natural and organic plant-based ingredients. Our head office is based in France, with an international presence in more than 80 countries on 5 continents.

Our family-owned company has built its reputation as the world leader in acacia. Our expertise has expanded to encompass a large range of ingredients derived from natural sources.

Nexira offers a large range of ingredients for the Food and beverages, Nutrition, wellbeing, and Health industries.

Our portfolio of products includes high-quality plant extract powders, antioxidants, soluble dietary fibers, and active botanical extracts. Our large range of products includes highly functional and nutritional ingredients, antioxidants and active botanicals for weight management, stress management, sports nutrition, immunity, digestive health, cognitive health and cardiovascular health. 

Our natural premium ingredients are supported by scientific and clinical studies. At Nexira, innovation is at the core of our customer service. We work to identify and value the natural properties of our ingredients and scientifically confirm their nutritional and health benefits.

Since the early 1970s, Nexira has been deeply involved in sustainable development at several levels.

In 2021 the inavea range achieves carbon neutrality: Nexira is now able to provide carbon-neutral ingredients counting as zero in your carbon footprint and in the carbon-score of your finished products.

At SSW, Nexira launches a new premium ingredient HEPURE, an organic combination of Immortelle and Clove extracts with a hepatoprotective and detoxifying effects. Our extensive screening has demonstrated its potent and synergistic antioxidant activity and its nutrigenomic mechanism on liver cells. HEPURE is perfect for Detox, Skin beauty, Weight management, Digestion, Hangover or NAFL applications.

Brands: Cactinea, Cognivia, Damar EZ, Efistab, Enostim, Exocyan, Fibregum, Flexigo, Floracia, ID-alG, Immunell, Inavea, Inavea Pure Acacia, Inavea Baobab Acacia , Neopuntia, NutriBeauty, Okralin, Osteol,Resveravine,Serenzo,Simag,Thixogum,Vinitrox, Vinoseed At SSW 2021 Discover our New ingredient HEPURE an organic combination of natural ingredients with hepatoprotective and detoxifying effects.

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