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CJ America Inc.

Downers Grove,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 1657

CJ BIO is a leading Global Supplier of Natural Savory Flavoring and Umami Components for over 60 years, with a strong commitment to providing safe, high quality ingredients to give customers satisfaction and economy of scale for delicious savory applications.

  • ① Natural taste solution premium brand: TasteNrich®
  • ② Natural flavor solution premium brand: FlavorNrich™
  • ③ Food grade amino acids brand: AMINATURE®
  • ④ Global leading savory ingredients brand: CJTIDE™ / MIPOONG™

CJ BIO success continues to be built on R&D and advancing bio-technology via fermentation from natural sources. This enables development of innovative products, such as TasteNrich®, a Clean Label Natural Flavor for enhancement of key UMAMI notes, creating Authentic Flavors toward a complete Culinary Solution, and recent launch of FlavorNrich™, the FIRST & ONLY Natural Cysteine for Maillard reaction, developing savory, meaty flavor, which labels as Natural Flavor.

As the natural flavor market and the plant-based market are continuously growing, customer demand for natural and plant-based meaty flavor is highly increasing. CJ BIO provides custom solutions using the platform of natural ingredients TasteNrich® & FlavorNrich™

CJ BIO also provides AMINATURE® Vegan Food Grade Amino Acids(FGAA), which can contribute Umami or Sour Flavors. AMINATURE® also provide potential for reduction in use of chemicals such as phosphates, improving the texture of meat products.

These same AMINATURE® FGAA act as building blocks, to give effective results for Sports Nutrition, offering powerful performance, muscle building and fast recovery, during or after exercise. Nutraceutical applications benefit from them as Functional Food Ingredients, performing various functions in the body, such as antioxidants, cardiovascular protection, mental and liver health etc., without any side effects.

The CJ BIO philosophy cares about environmentally friendly solutions with sustainable values for a successful and brighter future.