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Amazon Health Products SAC

Lima,  Lima 
  • Booth: 4141

Our company is leading producer of organic superfood ingredients from Peru. Our flagship Sacha Inchi ingredients include our complete plant protein powder, textured protein, omega and antioxidant oil, omega fat powder, seeds, butter, etc. Our superfood offer includes our production of Maca adaptogen, Camu Camu vitamin C, Chia protein fiber oil, Lupin protein, Lucuma sweetener, Yacon prebiotic, organic Ginger, etc. 
We are vertically integrated in our operations, working directly with a network of organic and fair trade certified small farms in the Amazon and Andes of Peru. We operate our own, best of its kind BRC certified (graded AA) processing facility to produce all our superfoods ingredients. 
We carry stock at our US warehouse in LA (customs cleared and ready for dispatch thru our US company) and also at our processing facility in Peru. 
It is in the Peru’s most valued treasure that we find our planet's best defense mechanism: its BIODIVERSITY. 
Our Sacha Inchi Powder is a clean, plant-based, wholefood source of protein (60%) from the Amazon rainforest. Considered a complete source of protein given it contains ALL 9 essential amino acids in adequate proportions (aside from non-essential ones too). Kosher certified, Non GMO, Allergen friendly, Gluten Free and FSMA compliant. Through our proprietary mechanical only process we ensure digestibility to produce a pleasant, mild, and soluble plant protein powder. It is versatile and stable ideal for beverages, bars, RTD’s, and bakery.  
Our Sacha Inchi Oil is made from cold pressed seeds from the Amazon Rainforest. It has an ideal Omega 3 (48%) balance and an outstanding Antioxidant nutritional content. This is critical in making our Sacha Inchi Oil the most stable and versatile source of Omega 3. Also heat stable with a long shelf life, unrefrigerated. Only cold pressed, batch controlled, free of chemicals or contaminants and ideal to boost food for its mild fresh taste and also in personal care formulations. 


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